Microhabitat (2017)

Microhabitat, aka “S-gong-nyeo” / “소공녀”
, 2017, a South-Korean film directed by Jeon Go-woon.

It’s a film. And it’s a film i liked. That’s it.

Watching it, it took some time -how to say?- adjusting to it. Adjusting to… its tone? And perhaps something else.

I found myself still thinking about it the next day when i woke up.

As the film progressed, as the story unrolled, spending that time watching it, going along with it… //
The longer i spent watching it the more i liked it.

[i can’t write in English right now, it’s a struggle. It’s 6am, i should have been sleeping/should be asleep.]

It’s been two weeks i saw it, here’s a link to the film page on Mubi, it has a trailer and stuff. I haven’t read any review or anything about it.
I liked it more than I thought i would after seeing its trailer. It was a nice surprise.

[Here’s its IMDB page in case. And the same trailer again on Youtube.]