Comfort zone

Perhaps a mood. I’ve been slowly rereading Pattern Recognition –once again– (William Gibson, 2003).
What’s new? I still really like this novel. Taking my time.

I recently read ROADSIDE PICNIC (aka STALKER or “Pique-Nique au bord du chemin“) for the first time, i read it in french translation; intro by Ursula K. LeGuin. Of course, i don’t know how come/why i didn’t read it before.
I had been meaning to read SOLARIS by Lem for what feels like a long time now; I was perhaps finally going to start reading it when i landed on ROADSIDE PICNIC instead. A short, easy and quick read. It was also great. I didn’t want it to end.

I’ve read bits of other things after that/since — some reading/rereading of some Borges’ things (bits of poetry, etc), other bits of poetry by other authors, bit of one play (maybe one thing by Poe also? or was it before…) or i don’t know – things.
I was unsure of which other long form fiction/novel to start; hard to pick something to follow STALKER. Maybe why i started to read it a second time instead of picking another novel, i couldn’t decide. I also started another well known Stanislas Lem’s novel at some point but i will probably only resume this one a bit later.
For now I’m slowly rereading Pattern Recognition.

(Éditions Au diable vauvert, 2004, traduction de Cédric Perdereau)

** I thought i’d write this entry in French, i was going to, but alas…