2023-01-28 winter cold & chirping

2023-01-28 – chirping birds

It got freezing cold for a while here — a little below 0°C at night, barely above during the day (it looks like it’s going to get a little nicer. Hopefully; I’m really tired of this cold).
The water for the birds would just be blocks of ice in the early morning.

I recorded this one morning, I suppose all the chirping might mean something like “hey everyone come here there’s non-frozen water and plenty of bird food available!”

(I used my old phone to record this, it’s a poor recording. One previous time i tried to record them using a Zoom handheld recorder but by the time i went back inside to grab it and came back they decided to go completely silent.)


I have tiny phone recordings of different stuff spanning some years now that i’ve been meaning to share/upload for a while (at least some years, also). Sometime it’s bird songs or plain rain sounds. Sometime it was people playing music in the street, rehearsing or jamming, etc. A bit of everything and nothing i guess. There wasn’t much point to actually upload/share all that perhaps, i don’t know.

The files are a bit scattered. Some were imported/copied to an external HDD a few years ago, many of the recordings are still stored on my last two pocket-computerphones.