Something something

I’ll find a title for this post later.

I’ve been meaning to share doodles and sketches here all along last year. I kept on procrastinating all year long. The last shared drawing stuff is from March and i notice I didn’t share much in the few months before that either.

So, for now, sharing only a few things that i more or less like from last year. And I’ll see about anything else later, another day/another time.

a sketch from July 2022 in a 11.5x18cm Moleskine

These next two were done very quickly & directly with fineliner and ink brush pen on scrap printer paper. A4 pages folded in two. (Second one is cropped here; it didn’t fill the page.)

It was initially supposed to be some sort of ‘exercice’ to be done directly (and ONLY) with a pen or fineliner- not doing any ‘shading’/filling or anything like that (more like just some plain contour) but i often can’t even follow my own exercices. (I grabbed a nearby ink brush pen just to cover/hide some really bad hatching made a second before.)

I’m not 100% fond of/satisfied of the first one of course and the second one has perhaps even more issues but uh initially these were only supposed to be exercices/practice. The sort i’d do for myself and not to show/share. Just to practice. Just to fail over and over again until perhaps i start to get it right. (Even tho these are far from being the most useful exercices i could do; the ones I should focus on. Given what i more specifically need to work on.) [And all these were done from photo references yes.]

Last one was something doodled when i woke up after spending 5 hours trying to sleep then finally sleeping 5 hours. I was far from being completely awake yet, really. I generally tend to strongly dislike this sort of doodles/drawings i do, but this one i like it OK, i think. Somehow.

(A6 page from an A6 sketchpad)

So yeah, until later, until next time. Next something.