uhm, no i don’t finish things. [anything]


My back feels like it’s burning tonight for some reason and i’m again very sleepy and tired.
No choice but going to lie on my back right now i guess. Hopefully it’ll be enough to help (because Ouch! it is more than uncomfortable).

sketches &tc

Puisque que je procrastine sans fin trop de choses depuis des mois, voila au moins une sélection de quelques gribouillages selon ce que j’ai sous la main. Plus ou moins récents, quelques semaines, deux/trois mois et/ou plus anciens.

[edited: updated because some doodles were missing as WP’s editor was close to make me snap when first making this post. I have no patience for computer crap anymore. Sorry for this.]


random cyborg thing

An unfinished random thing made early February. (Something i definitively couldn’t have ‘finished’ in any way..)
i was initially going for a specific exercise but i doodled randomly instead. This is the thing that happened, or the accidental result.


Two doodles drawn as thumbnails. fwiw (Ouch. Especially the 2nd one, only after the ‘read more’ thing because… ew/Bleh. OK, not sharing it anyway.)

And… i’ll definitely get around to post some of the doodles/drawings/etc i still mean to (find and) post/share.. and maybe manage to drawn, sketch &/or doodle a little more than i’ve been doing for a while now

[ Cat Power – Metal Heart]