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I might start sharing bookmarks here again from time to time. Ideally i would at least write a few words when sharing links but perhaps it’ll be links alone.

by Paul Graham Raven on Velcro City Tourist Board, april 2020, Necessary but not sufficient; on hope and optimism in solarpunk and cyberpunk

“[…] However, I’m starting to think that the precursors of the critical-utopian modality I’m looking for have been hiding in plain sight all along, disguised by a misparsing of anything that isn’t necessarily (techno)utopian as being therefore dystopian. It’s not a fashionable thing to say in this day and age, but the better writers and writings of cyberpunk seem to me to have been grappling with the challenges of adaptation to neoliberal capitalism run amok all along (rather than celebrating it, as seems to be the prevalent critical position, at least in the more fannish ends of the critical junket); that those challenges were not always exclusively ecological-environmental is, if anything, a prop to my assumption. Think of stories like Sterling’s “Green Days in Brunei” or “Bicycle Repairman”: I’d say they’re clearly solarpunk, albeit very much avant le lettre. Or at least I see them as being what solarpunk claims it wants to be… and what it might become when it sheds the techno-optimistic legacy and sees more clearly what the challenges really are.”

from, Haunting photos of life around the world’s oil fields, December 2022

Photography by Robin Hinsch.

A fire in an open cast mine in dhanbad, india.
Protestors Treehouses, Hambach Forest, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 2022
Never finished settlement in Jharia, India.

Page three of the Arts and Letters… June 7, 1942

Funes the Memorious” and Other Cases of Extraordinary Memory []

>’In “Funes the Memorious,” a story of barely 12 pages that was eventually published as part of “Ficciones” (1944), Borges again plays with the infinite in a context no less fascinating: the vast labyrinths of memory and the consequences of having an unlimited capacity to remember.’

>’Funes is first mentioned in an obituary of James Joyce, “A Fragment on Joyce,” published in 1941 in the magazine Sur. There, with some measure of sarcasm, Borges says that to read straight through a “monster” like Joyce’s “Ulysses” — a 400,000-word reconstruction of a single day in Dublin — requires another monster able to remember an infinite number of details. The strange thing about the obituary is that Borges barely refers to Joyce or his work and instead describes Ireneo Funes, the main character of the story he was writing at the time.’


>’Given their historical significance, Pliny’s stories are of undeniable value. It is, nonetheless, impossible to judge their veracity, and in fact the characters described in the “Naturalis historia” seem more legendary than real (perhaps arousing Borges’s curiosity even more). To a large extent this is due to the fact that many of Pliny’s descriptions are based on word-of-mouth information, inevitably altered in the telling. For example, when he describes cases of astonishing eyesight in chapter 21 of book VII, Pliny writes that Homer’s “Iliad” was written in such small script that the complete manuscript could fit in a nutshell; he also mentions a man called Strabo, who could recognize objects 135 miles away and who, during the Punic Wars, could sight and even count the enemy ships docked in Carthage from a promontory in Sicily.’

Mais comment j’ai encore atterri là-dessus ?

(l’amplitude de l’oubli)
(Une réalité infatigable / un monde surchargé de détails)

just a few links

Just a quick post with a few links.

  • Last year i shared this link to a Youtube video that i really liked, featuring Claire Wendling.
    I watched 4 or 5 videos from this series since. [‘The Sketchbook Series‘ from the Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn channel.]

    Here’s one with Karla Ortiz, the latest i watched. I really enjoyed this one too. It turned out to also be a good prompt; i had to go drawing/doodling for the rest of the evening after watching it. [The 4 or 5 videos i saw were all interesting.]
  • I’m afraid i… already forgot the rest of the links I wanted to share here?
  • Two comics/bande-dessinées i read and enjoyed this summer, by Atelier Sentô. The first volume of “La Fête des Ombres” (The Festival of Shadows). I really really liked this one. Ok, loved it. The second (also the last) volume of this story should come out in October. I can’t wait. [Only available in French for now]
    Their previous comic/bande-dessinée whose title is “ONIBI” — also available in English.
    “ONIBI is a fantasy travel diary inspired by our life in Japan. The story tells how we found a very special camera which can take pictures of the yôkai (Japanese spirits). It’s a hand-drawn watercolor comic book set in Niigata, Japan.
    It was really nice! i’ll probably read this one a second time soon, as i already did with The Festival of Shadows. Someone told me about ONIBI a few years ago when it came out, but i… didn’t really take a look at it? I should have. At least by chance i found The Festival of Shadows/La Fête de Ombres this year and i had to get/read their previous work. There’s another book of them that i hope to similarly see in a shop one of these days. They have a blog. [IG account]

    [edit/update: The Festival of Shadows in English translation, next year.
  • I don’t know, any other link will be for another time, it’s late and today was exhausting.

The Shadow Festival/La Fête des Ombres by Atelier Sentô.

when in doubt


‘Wong, along with photojournalist Eric Tsang, created a YouTube channel entitled When in Doubt, Take a Walk last year.’

‘Wong gained prominence in 2014 after he and his colleagues collated online expressions of support for the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement and projected them onto the facade of the government complex in Admiralty. The artist was also behind the “Countdown Machine” in 2016, when a clock counting down to July 1, 2047 was projected onto Hong Kong’s tallest building.’


‘However, what really pushed them to start their project was the souring political atmosphere in Hong Kong and the coronavirus pandemic.’

‘ “A lot of people said they couldn’t come to the city because of the pandemic; at the same time a lot of people are leaving the city and couldn’t come back in the future,” said Wong. “We felt that Hong Kong was in the mist of a huge change, we wanted to record what Hong Kong was like.” ‘



Sketchbooks – Claire Wendling

There’s a few links related to drawing i’d meant to post for uhm, months? It’s possible it’s been one year already. I don’t know anymore.
As i might just not end up posting most of these links, here’s at least this 20min Youtube video with Claire Wendling: The Sketchbook Series – Claire Wendling

Video description from the channel:

Take a peek into the mind of Claire Wendling. Claire Wendling was born in Carcassonne in 1967. Between 1989 and 1991, she won various prizes and awards for her published works, and was later hired as a Character Designer by Warner Brothers in 1997, where she worked on various animation projects. This was the beginning of her international career and recognition. She was awarded the Grand Prix of the Quai des Bulles Festival in Saint-Malo in 2001, and also won the award for best Graphic Designer at the Solies Festival in 2010. She currently works as a character designer for Disney and various other producers in Animation, as well as Cover Artist for Marvel or DC comics. This episode was recorded during the 2016 edition of the THU main event.


Kentucky Route Zero, Trailer for the final act. (January 6, 2020)
PC & Console versions of the complete game are out, or about to get out. (Trailer for the complete edition/game.)

The complete soundtrack by Ben Babbitt on Bandcamp.

What Makes Kentucky Route Zero’s Dialogue So Good? (RockPaperShotgun, by Alex Wiltshire, June 3, 2016)

“For all their simplicity, these conversations play out far more naturalistically than anything by LucasArts, or indeed BioWare, and through the subtlety of both the design and writing. That’s because the power of the design lies in the fact that the choices themselves give you insight into the interior and exterior lives on the screen. So when Conway talks to his dog about Equus Oils you know his take on the place, simply through the list of choices, regardless of which you ultimately choose.”

— A video by Ableton on Katie Gately entitled “How much can you feel?” (14min, January 2018)

– The song “Bracer” by Katie Gately from Loom
& the video for the track “Waltz”, directed by Samantha Shay & shot by Victoria Sendra, off the same album to be released in February.

– An illustration by Jenny Odell from the transcript of her talk, “how to do nothing,” with the description “I like to draw blobs”. Posted on Medium on June 30, 2017

“I like to draw blobs” by Jenny Odell

links [fr/en]

— [fr] Une critique/review [DVDCLassik] de Level Five [1997] de Chris Marker. “Dans ce documentaire, Marker opère un travail passionnant sur la mémoire et révèle à travers ce jeu vidéo les failles, les oublis, les lacunes de l’Histoire.”

— [fr] « Portrait prémonitoire de Guillaume Apollinaire » (1914) par Giorgio de Chirico [2016, émission France Culture. “A l’occasion de l’exposition ‘Apollinaire, le regard du poète’ à l’Orangerie, Laurence des Cars et Jean de Loisy vont décrypter l’oeuvre.”]

— [fr] La grande vitesse est en train de tuer le réseau ferroviaire européen, 2013
– [en] High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway Network (“High speed rail is destroying the most valuable alternative to the airplane; the “low speed” rail network that has been in service for decades.”) [Low-Tech Magazine, 2013]

— [en] A series of articles on the first four Silent Hill games [].

Neauismea. Neauoire‘s daily illustrations made during this month of October using his own 3D & 2D software.

by @neauoire

@lmimos, Hosein.el.Mousavi, on Instagram, Architect_concept designer.

– [en] an old bookmark,Théodore Géricault and Monomania. “[…] The five surviving portraits are entitled Portrait of a Man Suffering from Delusions of Military Command; A Kleptomaniac; Portrait of a Woman Suffering from Obsessive Envy; A Woman Addicted to Gambling and A Child Snatcher.”

— [en] Writing about MINIT but every minute I start from the beginning again, which seemed like a good gimmick when I began [“In 2018’s adventure game MINIT, a cursed sword sends you into a time loop.”]