I can’t believe it’s already December.


// I was a bit surprised when i saw this again (maybe the day after? two days later? I have no idea). Something i absent-mindedly scribbled on a piece of scrap paper in the middle of a night then forgot. One second caught between two others.


Morcheeba – Moog Island

les minutes

“L’homme approximatif” de Tristan Tzara

extrait d’une lecture que je voulais conserver ici. Novembre ou quelque chose comme ça. (Peut-être.)

nuit du 17 au 18

L’année dernière environ à la même période je relisais “La Ville Concentrationnaire”(1), nouvelle de JG Ballard, cette fois-là en français.

Cette nuit je lisais la nouvelle “Chronopolis”(2) pour la première fois jusqu’à ce que le chant des oiseaux se fasse entendre et n’interrompe ma lecture; Je devinais l’heure. Après vérification: il allait être 5h.

1/ “The Concentration City”, short story published in The Disaster Area and others
2/ “Chronopolis”, ddg search ; Wikipedia


Lhasa de Sela – Anywhere on This Road /// Para El Fin Del Mundo O El Año Nuevo

random cyborg thing

An unfinished random thing made early February. (Something i definitively couldn’t have ‘finished’ in any way..)
i was initially going for a specific exercise but i doodled randomly instead. This is the thing that happened, or the accidental result.


Two doodles drawn as thumbnails. fwiw (Ouch. Especially the 2nd one, only after the ‘read more’ thing because… ew/Bleh. OK, not sharing it anyway.)

And… i’ll definitely get around to post some of the doodles/drawings/etc i still mean to (find and) post/share.. and maybe manage to drawn, sketch &/or doodle a little more than i’ve been doing for a while now

[ Cat Power – Metal Heart]