“sponsored detour”

// Snapshot of a page as i got & read Square Eyes right after listening to this About Building + Cities 3-parts podcast. Almost a month? I’ll have to read it again soon (is what i told myself once i closed it). One review from my pinboard bookmarks, and another one.


And i’m still thinking of, many years on, getting the remaining Akira volumes i don’t own. Will have to find the remaining volumes from the not-latest & recently published newest (fr) edition, second-hand, somewhere.

I missed to make a post about some Akira and Tsutomu Nihei‘s stuff months ago (it was last year). Akira has sequences that still take my breath away.
I don’t plan to reread Nihei’s Blame! soon (although i read it a while ago, years ~99/2000 to 2004) but i had a quick accidental glance through a newer (fr) large format edition of Blame! — And it could be tempting. To stare at Nihei’s biomechanical creatures, architecture and (messy) lines in large format.

Yes it’s another ‘post’, including a bunch of words, for nothing.