Some things to see here, a tiny guide to a few pages or some categories or tags.

  • the [doodles] category contains drawing-related things & sketches i made & shared here; plus potentially any other mess made using ink or paint or anything like that. It’s mostly doodles and rough/unfinished sketches.
  • The [generative] tag holds a few of the generative or generative-related ‘things’ i made/programmed.
  • the [snapshot] category contains photographic ‘snapshots’ but also recorded audio snapshots. Sometimes it can also be text and/or includes doodles.
  • There’s a [log] category and a [notes] category which hold a bit of everything and nothing. The ‘log‘ category often overlaps with many others categories or tags.

PS. Most of the old/older posts containing any other media than text are broken. Images and embedded things are missing.