blue/grey hour




Movie poster of the film "DECISION TO LEAVE" directed by Park Chan-Wook, 2022.
Une avant-première.
Decision to leave, dir. Park Chan-Wook, 2022.

Sans commentaire de ma part, du moins pour le moment.
J’essaierai de le revoir dans de meilleures conditions.

Musique en vrac.
Empty States by Julia Kent (Asperities, 2015) —— Be There by UNKLE (music video; Psyence Fiction, 1998) — Mollie by Leila (Blood, Looms & Blooms, 2008) — Not Saved by Ulver (The Norvegian National Opera, live performance/record, 2010) — Never Over by Hante. (FIERCE, 2019) — Hannah by Andrew Hewitt (The Double, Soundtrack, 2014) — Migration by Arve Henriksen (Cartography, 2008) [CD or streaming ‘platform/app’]

+ Everyone Else In The World
+ On Falling
+ Parliament Square
by Stina Nordenstam (This is, 2001 / The World Is Saved, 2004)
+ The Man With The Gun (Dynamite, 1996)

Je m’arrête là pour cette fois.



A quick & little 1D Cellular Automata doodle made yesterday in the early morning. (A Processing sketch.)

[ Above: 2022-05-18_CA-Doodle1 (recording #2) ]

Same recording but on youtube. — It’s in 1920x1080p and better seen in a 1:1 ratio (for instance fullscreen on a 1080p display).

It’s a bit more interesting (in my eyes at least) to be able to leave the actual program running on a screen as a sort of screensaver; given it’s a generative thing. A video is a bit pointless.

[I always find/found anything related to (or using) Cellular Automata extremely fascinating..]

If i end up making other versions/variations, I’ll have them run in the browser at least, given what it is… ‘might as well..


i forgot what a sunny day was like for a moment.
i forgot what day light and sunlight were like/looked like/felt like, for a moment.