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Il y a quelque temps je suis tombé sur un exemplaire de la BD “ROOM” (en Français, sortie OCT 2021), je ne connaissais pas l’artiste. Achat impulsif parce que le style me plaisait. Je n’ai pas été déçu à la lecture, au contraire, une chouette surprise. Quelques histoires courtes. “Cinq pièces liées entre elles par leurs personnages […] une évocation de la vie dans une mégapole”

Liens de deux de ses BDs éditées en FR:
Elle qui se laissait dévorer >

Quelques images/photos à l’arrache. (Rendues d’encore plus mauvaise qualité par un rescaling atroce. Désolé.)


The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue (2017). [imdb]
This one was a little too ‘depressed’ for my taste these days.

just a few links

Just a quick post with a few links.

  • Last year i shared this link to a Youtube video that i really liked, featuring Claire Wendling.
    I watched 4 or 5 videos from this series since. [‘The Sketchbook Series‘ from the Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn channel.]

    Here’s one with Karla Ortiz, the latest i watched. I really enjoyed this one too. It turned out to also be a good prompt; i had to go drawing/doodling for the rest of the evening after watching it. [The 4 or 5 videos i saw were all interesting.]
  • I’m afraid i… already forgot the rest of the links I wanted to share here?
  • Two comics/bande-dessinées i read and enjoyed this summer, by Atelier Sentô. The first volume of “La Fête des Ombres” (The Festival of Shadows). I really really liked this one. Ok, loved it. The second (also the last) volume of this story should come out in October. I can’t wait. [Only available in French for now]
    Their previous comic/bande-dessinée whose title is “ONIBI” — also available in English.
    “ONIBI is a fantasy travel diary inspired by our life in Japan. The story tells how we found a very special camera which can take pictures of the yôkai (Japanese spirits). It’s a hand-drawn watercolor comic book set in Niigata, Japan.
    It was really nice! i’ll probably read this one a second time soon, as i already did with The Festival of Shadows. Someone told me about ONIBI a few years ago when it came out, but i… didn’t really take a look at it? I should have. At least by chance i found The Festival of Shadows/La Fête de Ombres this year and i had to get/read their previous work. There’s another book of them that i hope to similarly see in a shop one of these days. They have a blog. [IG account]

    [edit/update: The Festival of Shadows in English translation, next year.
  • I don’t know, any other link will be for another time, it’s late and today was exhausting.

The Shadow Festival/La Fête des Ombres by Atelier Sentô.

“sponsored detour”

// Snapshot of a page as i got & read Square Eyes right after listening to this About Building + Cities 3-parts podcast. Almost a month? I’ll have to read it again soon (is what i told myself once i closed it). One review from my pinboard bookmarks, and another one.


And i’m still thinking of, many years on, getting the remaining Akira volumes i don’t own. Will have to find the remaining volumes from the not-latest & recently published newest (fr) edition, second-hand, somewhere.

I missed to make a post about some Akira and Tsutomu Nihei‘s stuff months ago (it was last year). Akira has sequences that still take my breath away.
I don’t plan to reread Nihei’s Blame! soon (although i read it a while ago, years ~99/2000 to 2004) but i had a quick accidental glance through a newer (fr) large format edition of Blame! — And it could be tempting. To stare at Nihei’s biomechanical creatures, architecture and (messy) lines in large format.

Yes it’s another ‘post’, including a bunch of words, for nothing.