Improvised Game of Life/cellular automata.

I initially wanted to code a Game of Life in the tiniest amount of code source possible and in the end i did not try to really compress the code but I made a tiny something. Improvised because i mostly know nothing about Game of Life/cellular automatas and the starting “rules”/patterns are random. Some errors/mistakes or overlooked things are still present in the source codes.





I wanted to write a simple Processing sketch maybe one or two or three? years ago… I don’t remember well, but it was a very old idea, and surely something done dozens of time before i thought of it and i was lazy or something. It was supposed to be simple but i didn’t try.
So today i tried, i quickly figured because it’s Processing and not bare C/C++ that it would be even simpler to write than i had first thought… then i made something even more basic than what i wanted to achieve initially.

Maybe click to see them bigger?

It’s only 10 lines of code.

They’re originally 2000px size.

(Source photos are my own.)