I could recover a version of this old sketch. [Re/see generative stuff/bookmarks (Better Broken Worlds)]

Made a quick & dirty recording of the sketch the other day before i continue some work with it.
— If you can, try to set & watch the video in 1080p or it’ll probably only look like blurry mashed pixels.

Yes it’s 12 minutes long and there isn’t many action sequences, idk, consider it like a Slow TV kind of thing.

[#Absolutely Not A Screensaver.]

Note: This version of the sketch, this wip snapshot in this current form, is a sort of drawing tool.

Jean Baudrillard, photographie

« The degree of intensity of the image matches the degree of its denial of the real, its invention of another scene. To make an image of an object is to strip the object of all its dimensions one by one: weight, relief, smell, depth, time, continuity and, of course, meaning. This disembodiment is the price to be paid for that power of fascination which the image acquires, the price for its becoming a medium of pure objectality, becoming transparent to a subtler form of seduction. »

— Jean Baudrillard – Photographies